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Software Development

Sometimes we use or get so used to with the technology, that we don’t even try to be known with the product we are using. In our daily life, we opt for every upgraded software, without knowing how they have been developed. And when we got stuck with software issue, we just feel helpless. Eradicate this helplessness with Oneresolve Web, and become handy with software development & its solutions.

CMS Development

For organizing content in order to design a website and propose pliable, meek aid in content designing, a system is essential for every company, Content Management System (CMS). The content involves documents, images, etc. which acknowledge the users to contribute, share, control involved in assisting data storage, formatting, indexing, publishing, layout, presentation, search and retrieval of data in the form of data, graphics, animation, video, etc.

24×7 Support

Take advantage of our superior support services to keep your security strong, minimize threats, and free up your valuable IT resources for other critical functions. How do we know our support is best? We’re Trend Micro, 100% security, 100% focused, 100% of the time. We’re global experts and completely dedicated to helping your organization exchange digital information safely.

Website Designing & Development

Company’s vital element in its marketing plan is a web site. As a hub, a website, keep hold on the messaging and all other allocated marketing materials. With proceeded web technology, it has bring in many apparatus to endeavor like Blogs, Social Media, RSS Feeds & many more to name, for web marketing. For web marketing, a company must have the world class web design & development support.

Mobile App Development

The consistently extending mobile marketplace mien an exclusive set of remonstrance from diversified platforms and devices to UI distinctness between desktops apps, usability and size. To have your mobile apps developed accurate, you need an inclusive comprehension of mobile space with the accurate experience and expertise to behead your mobile app projects. Oneresolve Web is one of the prominent Mobile Development Company in India, catering services from over 8 years. We are adept in developing the unique games, general utility application and business applications.

User Experience Design

Design is what a product does and how it does it. Our vision is to help clients derive tangible business value through great design. We help our clients incorporate design as a part of strategy as we believe that the purpose of design is problem solving.

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